Swap some cash for an i-Cash

You can get an i-Cash from your nearest i-Cash Agent i-Cash is available in a range of denominations.
Each i-Cash is worth exactly what you pay for it – there are no extra fees.

If you want a i-Cash for NG500, simply hand over NGN500 to the distributor and you will get an i-Cash worth NGN500 in return!

Where to get i-Cash


Decide where to spend it

Your i-Cash’s value can be spent online at any website where i-Cash is accepted

Where to get spend


Spend away

Visit the payment page of your chosen website, and choose i-Cash from the list of payment methods.Then simply type in the 12 digit PIN code and the amount of the i-Cash that you wish to spend. You don't have to use the full value of your i-Cash at once. If you have spent less than the value of your i-Cash, then you can use the same PIN code to spend the remaining value at another website or at the same website later on.


Secure & Anonymous

i-Cash also helps you stay secure and anonymous, your bank or card details are never exposed and you can avoid revealing your personal details.

For Individuals

Easy, it’s as simple as 1-2-3



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For Agents

Additional Revenue

Attractive Commission

Low or Zero Startup Cost

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For Merchants

Accept Cash-Based Payments Online

Target a New Demographic

No Chargebacks

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