Resellers Say 
Becoming the
i-Cash Reseller has changed my life for good! The net is the future!

Resellers / Distributors

If you wish to help us distribute i-Cash, then we can offer you the great opportunity to become an authorised i-Cash reseller and earn an attractive commission on all i-Cash sold!
That’s not all though, we offer you MUCH MORE than just commission from selling
i-Cash !
We also provide you with our unique electronic distribution technology, which offers the following advantages:
  • Real – Time Issuance – No need to keep stock, simply issue original
    i-Cash in real-time from your available balance when you need them!
  • Multi - Channel - your agent network can issue and sell vouchers online via PCs, handheld terminals and other mobile devices!
  • Compatible with 3rd Party Vouchers - earn HUGE additional revenue by distributing 3rd party vouchers for Mobile Airtime, Internet Access, TV Subscriptions and much more!
  • Distribution Management – Manage your entire agent network and all their points of sales, controlling daily, weekly and monthly limits, confirming payments and creating new users and points of sale.
  • Comprehensive Reporting – Generate a full set of sales and cashflow reports on a daily, weekly and monthly basis, analysing your entire networks, certain regions, specific agents or even individual points of sale.
  • Bulk Voucher Printing – if your network and customer base prefer physical branded bulk-print vouchers, you can print batches of branded vouchers using a dot matrix printer connected to your PC.
  • Export Vouchers to Excel for Customers or Scratchcard Printing  – Instantly export e-pins to an excel file, and send to customers or use to print scratchcards for physical distribution.  
  • Secure Access from Anywhere – You can login to your secure Payallo Partner account from anywhere – all you need is an internet connection. For added security, you can provide us with fixed IP addresses only from which your account can be accessed

For Individuals

Easy, it’s as simple as 1-2-3



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For Agents

Additional Revenue

Attractive Commission

Low or Zero Startup Cost

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For Merchants

Accept Cash-Based Payments Online

Target a New Demographic

No Chargebacks

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